What Freelance Writers Need To Know About Microstock Photos

What is micro stock photography?

Micro stock photography is a subset of the stock photography industry and refers to royalty-free images sold at very low prices (micro stock photography is also known as “micro payment photography”). Microstock obtains stock photos from a large number of photographers and is known for its willingness to accept submissions from amateur photographers.

Now that you know the general definition, let’s move on to discussing the specific details freelance writers need to know about this type of stock photography. I’ve written articles before about using professional stock photos to help you successfully promote and sell to editors and clients. Note the word “professional” in this sentence.

Some professional photographers even say that the micro-stocking business belittles the entire photography industry. It’s a bit dramatic, but just as successful freelance writers can quickly differentiate between cheap writing content and high-quality professional copies, so can stock photography.

The advantage of cheap stock photos can be that unprofessional images look tacky. As a freelance writer, it’s important to remember that anything you give to the editor or principal is your agent. Delivering quality content for editors instead of cheap regular photos will make your entire work less impressive.

This isn’t a blow to all micro-stock photography. There are some high quality micro stock photos taken by experienced photographers. This is just to ensure that the quality of the stock photos you purchase matches the quality of your writing. Ideally, you can use high-quality, professional (and affordable!) stock photos to enhance the overall “package” you create for editors or clients.

Another thing to consider is the value of your time. In general, you can save the time and expense of taking (or hiring a professional photographer to) create custom photos that fit your writing project by using stock photos. Since there are usually a large number of microstock photos on the microstock website, you can spend the same amount of time (or longer) browsing through hundreds of smaller photos (more photo options can be positive, can also be negative) convinced that you show it next to your copy.

By better understanding microstock photography, freelance writers can quickly assess the most effective use of time and money when selecting stock photos.

Photography – Different Jobs For Photographers

Most people think that photography is one of the best professions. There are many photography, especially independent photography. Free photography jobs require a variety of key resources and resources to be effective.

Free photography jobs are photography that is done on a contract basis. Freelance photographers do not act for specific companies. They usually perform different tasks, all of which are for different clients.

Freelance photography jobs don’t just involve getting photos, they also require a lot of things that are similar to any business that often comes up, such as working with clients, reporting, costing and marketing just to name a few. Like any profession, some parts of independent photography involve working with individuals, so independent professional photographers must behave appropriately.


Any independent photographic job requires a number of important equipment, including digital SLRs, various lenses, flash memory, memory cards and spare batteries. Without certain types of equipment, performances cannot be performed.


In terms of sources, personal information is the best source independent professional photographers have. When creating your profile, you don’t have to add every photo, only the best. The profile should contain the best photos taken by professional photographers. The images should show the best what a professional photographer can offer. Photos taken at the beginning of one’s career should be excluded, they usually contain too many mistakes. One can also consist of individual tasks. For most potential customers, it will not affect their decision whether the personal information is personal information or performance compensation.

look for a job

One of the aspects that determines whether an independent professional photographer gets an achievement is cost. Price is a factor that is unacceptable even to photography enthusiasts. You need to know what their customers’ price range is, what they are relaxed about, and whether the price is affordable for everyone involved. Prices can attract or scare customers away.

Another aspect is the encounter. Self-employed photography jobs require as much exposure from professional photographers as possible. One should always control their performances and seize them when there is an opportunity. Independent professional photographers should never leave their camera behind, he should always be by their side and never know when the money will come.

Once they have made an informed decision about costs and gained enough exposure, they can sell their performances in various organizations and collections. A little visibility will definitely land them a job.



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