Twitter For Freelance Designers

Twitter has been around for a while, and in my opinion, freelance designers are using Twitter’s resurgence to create popular trends. I won’t discuss what Twitter is further because I hope it’s clear.

For freelancers, the most important things are:

Which tweet should you send to develop your art brand?

You have about 140 characters at a time to tell people what you’re doing. As a freelancer, when you participate in any type of social media, I believe that your strategic focus should always be to interact with people and provide quality information. This should not only be about you and your art, but also about other interesting art stories that will pique the interest of your followers. Interact with your followers

Everyone wants different things depending on who they follow, but in general:

* Direct interaction with people: ask questions, make statements, anything that can start a good conversation.

* You can message people directly, just to say hello or thank someone. Direct messaging can bring you closer to your followers.

* Share links to cool stuff your followers will love. You want to get positive feedback in the form of replies, retweets, and direct messages. Sometimes it links to your blog’s own posts, as well as links to other related content.

* Use Twitter tools to help you bring diversity to your tweets, such as Utterli, TwitPic or 12 Seconds. As an artist, make full use of photos and short videos (if possible).

If you can do these things regularly, you will definitely start building your online freelancer profile. I hope this also allows you to accept more freelance jobs.

Freelance Design Tricks

Every major design company, be it a multinational branded company or a regular fashion magazine publisher, has to fill the vacancy in the workforce. If a savvy freelance designer plays well, he can earn a significant amount of money while basically hanging out. That is it…

Have a handy list of excuses

Everyone has heard of “the dog ate it…” or “I left it in my jeans and washed it” to avoid turning in homework, but how often do we actually use it? Some of these old excuses will usher in a period of revival. When you use one of these old dogs, the owner is more likely to give you the benefit of the doubt as they question your sanity by trying to use such a bold excuse. Rebellious Psychology. make the best of it

Backstab-Is it so wrong?

One of the favorite tricks for mobilizing another employee is to sow doubt in the hearts of other full-time employees of the depraved person you choose. Office politics can play a big part in confusing their minds. Why not sneak someone else’s scissors or stapler into the victim’s drawer and ask them to borrow it? If they can’t find them, they say you’ve seen XX use them before. Sit down and watch the tension develop.

An apple a day…

If you don’t bother to finish up the pages you got 3 weeks ago, the pets as teachers sometimes work wonders. When you walk into the office, everyone enters the office with a delicious rich chocolate cake, which takes away any dissatisfaction with your slow work attitude. Another good idea is to make regular coffee gophers for half an hour. They will really miss you when you leave because caffeine withdrawal will grind each other’s teeth.

Outsource and reap the rewards

Everyone does this, why not you? If you find a long-term, expensive design job, why not raise your rate and have someone in India or China do the work for you. unethical? Maybe, but when did you start thinking about the fate of individuals in remote areas? You can explain the differences in language and grammar by claiming that you have worked

Escape the Murder

One day, despite your best efforts to hide your ass and blame others for your laziness and incompetence, you will still be discovered. At this stage, disgruntled coworkers are lining up to say bad things about you. There may be no choice but to use the fail-safe backstop to kill someone. This will distract you from the unfair method of submitting graphic designs on time. It’s best to avoid killing the boss as questions may be asked and you’ll find that the newly appointed editor won’t see you as part of the new team format. No, please find a more alternative staff like Deputy Editor Ian, the resulting brawl will give you plenty of time to tackle new scams in another organization

So here you go, use these tips if you think they could be good for you. But be careful, the police are sometimes very eager to fight genocide in the office – the latter option is only used under extreme coercion.


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