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That’s why you’ve heard of all the ways to make money online. But it is bombarded with information and so on. You can sell products on your blog or website and charge a commission when someone buys the product. Or maybe you’ve heard of sending ads to a bunch of people, and when someone makes a purchase, you get a commission.

Well, all these things are good, don’t get me wrong, it feels great when I get commissions every day from different affiliate accounts, but most people struggle to earn commissions or at least keep it up long enough. to make money.

So how can we make real money? Well, as more and more microsites become available, you can do so-called outsourcing and go mainstream. What are these micro sites? How are they used? Well, these microsites are full of people from home and abroad. (Foreign countries are usually cheapest). These people work for a dollar, and in most cases they work for $5 for a part-time job.

For example: writing a $5 article or submitting a link to a social networking site. Even distribute cards at their location for $5. You can hire someone on these sites to do chores for you and save you a lot of time so you can do other important tasks.

You can also do DIY jobs yourself and earn money quickly on these sites. The most common is writing articles for others and social networks. Just like if you have 1,000 or more Twitter followers, you can charge someone about $5 to promote their product, business, or service to your followers. This is a common practice on these microsites.

There are now a large number of microsites and they are growing rapidly as entrepreneurs are now aware of the impact and opportunities. With cash, you can really do anything on these sites, as long as it’s in accordance with the site (Terms of Service). Try to be creative over time, grouping tweets or messages through old Twitter and Face Book can get old.

These weird and very cool online jobs can be fun and exciting because you can earn money from the comfort of your home. You can get a lot of other information from these websites, and we also share a lot of other information on the training website. We love helping others succeed online. Always give away lots of free content to follow us.

These sites allow you to earn money instantly and deposit it into your PayPal account, and you need to make sure you have one to get the full payment. Most of these sites have a payment term of one or two weeks to receive payments. So start now and get your first payment in two weeks or less.

Five Simple Steps to Become a Better Seller

Some people are born with sales talents, while others are good students who are willing to learn and remain excellent salespeople.

Then there are the other two groups; those who are absolutely afraid of having to use the idea of ​​sales promotion and the second group where the whole world revolves around sales; they are talented… this group of people can “sell ice cream” to the Eskimos!”

But just look back and think about it; everyone sells stuff every day, and we don’t even think or know we’re selling! Every time we ask someone to do something for us, the actual sales process will happen, that is, we need to get people to agree, we need to make them “buy in” – this is sales!

In online marketing, it’s amazing to see really good people with good products who don’t know how to sell. At the other end of the spectrum, there are many compelling “natural gifts”. Many of them know little or nothing about their products, but they make money even though their unethical behavior has many flaws.

I’m also surprised by all the information on the internet that teaches people “how to sell” in a stereotypical way; everyone seems to know how and what to do, but few people act this way to get results.

1. To become a better seller, you must first become a regular seller, or a simple seller…

No one was born to be the best seller in the world, neither me nor you, nor Ford… Everything starts with a purpose… Just like I want to be a salesman, I want to sell, I want to be like a salesman, I’m already a salesperson, I just made a sale, and so on.

So don’t think you’re not good at this sales game just because you “promoted” your product without selling it yet. We’ve all been there, and everyone has been, without exception.

Everyone starts out with a simple salesperson, learns new skills and develops into a better salesperson over time. My message is “Don’t stop, keep learning how to be a better salesperson”. Observe how successful people do and learn”

2. To become a better seller on the micro recruiting website, you must first be a simple buyer on the micro recruiting website.

Yes, as a buyer you spend some money, but let’s face it, when does someone go bankrupt with 5 bucks? Think about the logic here. If you start buying from a competitor on a micro job site, how can you better understand your competitor’s performance and compare it to the products you offer?

Can you really keep an eye on your competitors for $5? This will allow you to “upgrade your game” and ensure that you provide the best service before others reading this article do the same to you! ! ! !

By doing this, it can keep you on top of the game and always provide your customers with valuable and “cutting edge” services…

3. To become a better seller, you need to be active (sell, buy and create) on all micro job sites (like Fiverr)

Use a lot of them, not just Fiverr. I don’t know who you are, where you live or what your life is like, but forget about selling online for now, let’s talk about selling offline.

Let’s say you make a great cake, you are a proud baker and your beautiful “melt in your mouth” cake amazes people…

Who knows this? ? ? Sure, your family… your friends, neighbors, people near you?

Who else? ? ?

If I ask you to go to your local town center, set up a stall to show you delicious cakes, and then yell out and ask people to come and taste them, can you? You can?

Who will listen to you? ? Ten, hundreds, right? ? Let’s compare it to the power of the Internet, the actual sales leverage you have online. You can create the same effect as being in the city center in thousands of ‘virtual city centers’ around the world.

You can use your laptop or PC to perform all these tasks in the comfort of your own home, in your own space! Assuming your delicious pies are “sold” in 10 different city centers in your area, it makes sense that more people will “taste” and then “buy”.

Think of these microsites as your school, education, and learning base, from which you can become a better seller.

Therefore, keep registering, logging in and creating value on all micro-job sites. Use the “buy” experience on these microsites to learn how to become a “best seller” on the web!

4. To become a better seller, you need to know where to advertise and promote your work.

Well, I remember starting to do this a few years ago. I remember thinking it was easy. I thought, “I know what to do. I’ll just go online and post my affiliate links everywhere, and I’ll get really rich.”

This can happen

Understand a simple truth. You don’t have unlimited time. You need to quickly understand the best marketing location. Where is your niche market and where are they hanging out? You have to learn about social networks, this is a huge phenomenon, there is no sign of relaxation, but everyone hangs out there. Facebook and Twitter are the two best known, but more and more new websites are being added.

So my advice is to choose carefully and schedule according to your time based on my own experience, based on a well-ranked website, and do it as soon as possible.

5. To become a better seller, you need to know how to advertise and promote your work.

Again, this wasn’t my main concern a few years ago… and spam is my name…

I’m full of enthusiasm, but how good do you think this is for myself and my company? Isn’t it good at all?

These are my simple thoughts on ethical behavior when working online. I’ve learned from my own experience and the knowledge I’m giving you here is to make sure you don’t make the mistakes I’ve made.

I ask you to use your time wisely. Make sure that your marketing efforts are going in the right direction and that you get the most exposure in the target market. There are differences between niche industries and niche markets. The niche industry may be fishing, but your niche market may be “people who want to learn fly fishing”, there is a difference!

In addition, we must not forget the importance of SEO positioning and its possible impact on whether our customers find us online!

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