How to get setup with Fiverr?

Fiverr is one of many micro-recruiting sites that target “employees” or “salespeople” rather than “customers.” This means that sellers promote the one-time services and work they are willing to do in exchange for (in the case of Fiverr) $5.

Webmasters and other clients regularly browse these fast-paced freelance job boards, looking for great deals and alerting sellers when they want to buy the seller’s services. Usually the turnaround time is very fast, so you can produce this content for your clients and earn a few bucks in a few hours.

One of the attractions of Fiverr and similar sites is the breadth of their services. You can spend $5 to ask someone to post career flyers in their city, train you to become a better chess player, ask someone to create Facebook likes or other forms of social proof for you, or even “to your friends” singing “Happy Birthday” chicken. You name it, and it’s there.

Above all, one of the best ways to make money with Fiverr is by writing shows. Webmasters are always looking for content for their website, and connecting with talented writers on Fiverr is a great way to get them 100% in most market segments at a very fast speed and within their budget. Unique content.

Indeed, as more and more customers and merchants discover it and start using it regularly, Fiverr has picked up in recent months. This means there is more competition to stand out. Here are some Fiverr tips to help you make money on Fiverr:

Unique- Offer something unique that few or no one does. This is a quick way to get noticed for becoming “that person”. Think of your talent

Great copy – a great headline attracts people when they browse. You don’t have to make it super short; a long title is fine, as long as it perfectly expresses what you want to do. In your description area, make sure to use a good copy, which includes basics such as perfect grammar and spelling. This is of course essential when promoting writing services.

Beautiful Photos – People see your photo as often as your headline, making it eye-catching so they have to look at you and then check your service.

Use keywords keywords; you just can’t escape it.” Most people who understand what kind of job they are looking for will actively use the search bar, so be sure to include keywords in the title and description that people looking for your job should use.

There is evidence – if you have any evidence to prove to the people considering hiring you that you can do the job and exceed their expectations, then you can really take home the sale or multiple sales. While preparing this article, I took a screenshot video of me logging into my EzineArticles account, where there are over 2,000 real-time articles. I show the public my article stats, clickthrough rate, etc. so they can see I’m legit.

It was precisely because of this video that I attracted more attention, so that I quickly found dozens of jobs. If applicable, you can also provide free samples of a service.

Use Templates-Using templates in your writing performance can save you a lot of time. When you get paid it’s only $5, so this is a situation where quantity trumps quality. If you can use templates to save a lot of time, you can start producing many articles that are still of reasonable quality.

Publish to multiple sites – remember that there are many other micro job sites besides Fiverr, such as TenBux, GigHour, Gigbucks, FittyTown, etc. Each has a different pay level, so distract yourself and create the biggest exposure for your brand.

For example, once you’ve built a loyal customer base on Fiverr, you can move to a website where you can get paid more to do the same job and attract your customers. Sites like Gigbucks allow you to set different prices, so figure out how much your time is worth and then move on.

Fiverr is, of course, just a way to make money online. My personal favorite technique is to use affiliate marketing. This is why I’ve put together a 10-day fast track training course, a completely free email/video based course designed to teach anyone how to make money through affiliate marketing. Watch this video to see how quick and easy it is to make money with affiliate marketing when the path is clearly in front of you, without costing you a cent.


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