How to Choose the Right Web Designer for You

So you need a website, but you don’t know where or from whom?

For example, the most obvious solution is to just enter “web design (your city)” into a search engine, but does the result given really give you any guarantee that you will get quality service? …redundant.

Some businesses may begin to use Google AdWords to improve their rankings in search results, potentially allowing more reliable businesses to rank lower in search results. Another thing to consider is your budget and expectations for the entire website. If you think about it, bigger companies might be willing to take on the development of your new website, but what about the cost and time? It can be very expensive and usually means a longer development cycle for your website because it is placed in the “development queue” where there can be three or four web projects before your own projects.

Now you can also look for freelance web designers, which usually means bypassing the current high VAT rate. Using such services from the right web designer also means you get a more personalized service and can focus more on meeting your needs, budget and deadlines. Most freelance web designers only undertake one project at a time, which is good for you and them.

To be honest, I’m a freelance web designer, so it’s easy to point out that I might be a little biased towards the whole theme. That said, how do you know you can trust a freelance designer? There are many and some may not be able to provide services that meet your expectations. A good way to relive problems is to do some research! Most freelancers link their website to social networking sites (including myself), such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. They will also provide evidence of past projects, which will be featured in their portfolio, as well as possible recommendations from happy/unhappy customers so you can learn more about what’s coming up.


What should you look for in a freelance web designer or web design agency?

Extensive product portfolio with original and stable design
Positive customer reviews
A clean and simple website, easy to navigate
High social awareness
Secure Network Presence
Site without errors
Creative and Professional Images/Illustrations

Freelance Web Design Guide – 3 Great Places to Work

One of the best things about designing for network freedom is that you can design anywhere there is a network connection. If you have a 3G connection, this could be your office, Starbucks, or even a moving vehicle. Here are some thoughts on some of the more popular workplaces:

Home office

Having a dedicated room can provide the privacy you get in a physical office without paying for it. The home office can also help you mentally get into work mode when you’re busy. Some people may not have the ability to set up a home office, but if possible, it may be one of the best options for freelance web designers. There are also tax benefits to owning a home office, so discuss these options with your accountant.

Have a house but no office

We all started like this, working in the bedroom, living room, kitchen or wherever. Sometimes this is all you have which is great! If there is no dedicated environment, you will have to work harder to create a reliable routine to get the job done. This will be more challenging if you live with others. But this is usually the first step in your career as a freelance web designer. So start working, maybe one day you will have a home office.

coffee shop

If you have a laptop, going out in dull, monotonous times can be energized, which is unavoidable for freelance web designers. Taking some caffeine and changing your environment can encourage new ideas and can often remove obstacles for designers. However, being in a coffee shop is inevitably distracting, so be careful when working in public. If you are easily distracted or especially like to socialize, this may not be for you.


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