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As a writer, do you always have to write projects yourself, or are there sometimes great opportunities on your side?

Chances are if you’ve been working for a while and you’ve published in some traditional markets, or you’ve done a good job marketing your own self-published books and other products and services, there are often great opportunities. your side. you. You don’t have to chase them all the time.

However, if you’re not getting great opportunities – at least every now and then – you may need to look at what you’re currently doing as a writer.

You should start by performing all (or at least some) of the following:

1. Create and develop a strong online image. First set up a website or blog site and then publish it regularly. Make sure your posts help you become an expert in your genre or type of writing.

2. Don’t just expect people to appear on your website or blog to read your new posts. Instead, do something to drive traffic to your website. Every time you write new content for your website, post the link to your Facebook and Twitter pages. Publish a press release at least once a month about new things you do or need to deliver.

3. Visit other blogs that are the same as your target market and post comments. When posting a comment, make sure to include a link to your website.

4. Publish as quickly and as much as possible in local, regional and national publications. If you do, write a blog. As a professional writer, nothing can make you more credible than publishing in a magazine that everyone recognizes (except writing a bestseller).

5. Connect with other writers in your genre or field. For example, if you write for a company, you will be requested to join an online forum of other business writers. If you write Intermediate Novels, you are requested to join the Intermediate Novels Forum or Intermediate Novelists. You learn a lot from other authors on these forums. But, even better, they will begin to recognize you as a writer and expert.

6. Join local professional groups and participate in the activities of these groups. Local networking is even better than online networking. You never know who will give you recommendations or tips on a good writing opportunity.

7. The guest blog is at least once a month. First, you need to submit questions or suggestions for guest posts. However, after a while, once you’ve built a strong online presence, you’ll have some great guest blogging opportunities.

8. Start and continue building the mailing list. This is probably the most important thing you can do to build your business and ultimately give you great opportunities on a regular basis. Of course, you should also regularly send mail to everyone on the mailing list.

Also make sure you act regularly and consistently. Determine the type of freelance writing profession or business you want, then adhere to the actions necessary to establish that profession or business. If you do this, it won’t be long before great opportunities come your way.

How Can I Find Freelance Writing Gigs?

When starting your own freelance writing career, you may want to know how to find a job as a budding freelance writer. Then there are many resources available. Here are three common ways to find freelance writing opportunities:

Bidding website and content agency website

When researching how to develop your freelance writing career, you may come across the term “content factory.” Some people started their freelance writing careers on websites like ODesk or Elance, but based on my studies and experience, this is rare.

If you choose this option, remember that work on these sites is best done on a temporary basis. Many people who win bids on these sites offer low interest rates, which do not yield living wages in the United States.

There are alternative bidding sites, content agency sites, such as TextBroker, WordAgents, and Scribe. Assignments on these sites are usually between 1 and 5 cents per word. But every company has a different writing and payroll system, so if you are interested in going this route, you should visit each website for more information.

Guest posts and comments

One way to build your freelance writing career in the long run is to guest articles and comments on other people’s blogs. When you participate in other people’s blogs, you can set up your own blog at the same time and show off your writing skills to potential customers.

This option also makes you a familiar face and online voice for other freelance writers. These writers can recommend freelance jobs they don’t have time for.

Freelance writing committee

There are many working committees for freelance writers. Some are updated more often than others and may overlap different sites, but you can find promising positions there.

If you search online, you’ll find that more experienced bloggers have compiled a list of medium to high-paying performances for beginners to download. Access to these lists may require an email subscription, but the show lists are written by experienced freelance writers and you may be able to subscribe to their email lists.

Traditional online job site

With the right combination of keywords, you can find freelance writing positions on traditional online work platforms such as FlexJobs, Career Builder and LinkedIn. Many online and offline businesses are looking for freelance writers for their web content, sales materials, and other stationery needs.

If you’re new to freelance writing, each of these options offers you a promising opportunity to start your career.



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