Freelance Writing – A Basic How-To

Freelance writing is perfect for working from home. You can work at the time of your choice, you can work wherever you want, sitting at the kitchen table or on an airplane. Your office is where your laptop is, giving you unlimited freedom.

Here’s the best part: once you’re established, you can earn more than most day-to-day work.

These four tips will help you on your way.

1. What do you like to write? Who will pay you to write that?

As a freelance writer, you can write almost anything you want. These are the most paid content: copywriting, writing for businesses, writing for the web, and writing for print publications.

List online and offline publications that will pay for the cost of writing the material you want to write.

2. Build a Simple Free Web Space: Blogs Are Awesome

The next step is to build your own website online.

There is no need to waste a lot of time and energy on this. The free blog works well and you can set it up in a few minutes. This is your online portfolio. Post your writing samples there.

After you get them, also post customer recommendations on your website as these recommendations will help you get more customers.

You have to write samples: you can get them by writing guest posts on your blog.

3. Contact your favorite blogger and offer the opportunity to write guest posts

Bloggers all have one thing in common: they crave content.

Reach out to bloggers you read often and are willing to write a guest post. Most bloggers will agree to view or send content to them, and many bloggers will post your posts.

The advantage of guest writing is that it is an easy way to get exposure and link back to your website. Your guest posts are writing samples, so link to them from your website.

4. Join online marketing forums and promote your services in your signature file

Online marketers are like bloggers, they are always looking for someone to write for them. Just go to the online forum where they hang out and get active. Put a link to your site in the signature files on these sites, and you’ll find people contacting you.

Combining guest posts on blogs with activity on forums makes it easy to start your freelance writing career.

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I’ve always been a freelancer. Yes I have. I was in my post a few days ago, we’re back, I’ve already started writing for money. I’ve wanted to know how to do this for years; I searched writing forums, read books, early, early, early! For a 19-year-old who has no freelance credit, the road is not an easy one. I found that aspiring freelance writers need to do 5 things to get a job and further build their portfolio.

warn! I am not a super-rich professional, nor someone who builds a large investment portfolio. I’ve been a freelancer for the past month and have already gotten several clients who have invested hundreds of dollars in my bank. Here we go! )

1. Organize your resume

Before I started looking for vacancies, I knew in my heart that I had something to show. I have one or two publications, but I know it doesn’t matter, and I have a resume, but I bet it doesn’t help. I started from the beginning. I’ve put together a resume detailing my blogging experience, my current college education (creative writing), and an article and guest article that I published on Bookkus Publishing. I brag about my clarion call on my blog and the public, picked a good template from google docs (i think google drive is rubbish now) and saved it as a .doc file ready to send to i think it fits well for everyone.

2. Example of your work

This is the step that bothered me when I first started. If I’ve never written anything for a client, how can I send a sample of my work? The general rule of thumb for reviewing your work samples is broad: I usually use a good guest post I’ve written, or an article I’ve written about publishing, or even some of my better blog posts. It is true that each of these works has been completely edited and composed in the best possible way. The best way to reward themed publications is to showcase similar works, but I’ve noticed that some people just want to see your writing skills. If they need a link instead of an attachment, point them to your blog or even an e-magazine article. Remember, the prize is in the pudding.

3. Find a program

Where did you find these shows? Below I will list the places where most jobs can be found, but remember that this is a business. You can find potential customers on the Internet, local coffee shops, or through friends and family.

Elance (high paying job, but you compete with top professionals)
Guru (same as Elance. Remember persistence is key).
Text Broker (just started using it, it looks promising; I haven’t found a client yet).
Craigslist (some people may find it a bit vague, but I already have 3 clients and a running $$)
Load and load other people! Just google it!
Remember, if something looks strange, don’t go any further. This is the internet, and of course sometimes people don’t take your best interests into account.

4. Research your homework

For my regular customers I write articles about online gambling games and occasionally review online casinos. I didn’t know this before this show! I can’t even gamble legally! However, through a lot of research and a lot of research, I got a lot of knowledge in this field and I completed the task with ease. To make things easier on myself, I’ve used Evernote to edit information from the web, and referenced this throughout the writing process. Trust me, this will save you a lot of time and frustration!

5. Deadline Compliance

Remember that time is money, and so are all your tasks. Start working after receiving the task! There’s nothing worse than being let down by the customer because you can’t meet deadlines. Of course things happen in life, a well-placed email can easily take more time and if applicable you can receive it too! At the moment there are three assignments in my mailbox, which will be processed as soon as this article is published. Do not hesitate. Your best bet is to complete your task at a specific time of day – my task is in the morning after my daily walk, when I have finished my coffee. Meeting deadlines will relieve stress and help you complete tasks. Remember these are business.



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