Freelance Writers – Start A Blog To Showcase Your Writing Skills

Freelance writers need a platform to showcase their work. While many people will opt for an independent website, a simple blog will suffice.

For writers just starting to settle in, it seems difficult to consider publishing their work for free. The idea of ​​profitable blogging can become achievable, especially if you have a well thought out strategy.

The blog is very suitable for self-publishing some of your free writings. You can even write in different market segments and have dedicated blogs on specific topics. A large number of pages with relevant, original and fresh content is exactly what search engines need to improve the quality and highly targeted traffic of your blog.

By using third-party advertising services (such as pay-per-click (PPC) or pay-per-lead programs to sell ads) or promoting other high-income affiliate products and programs, you can easily take advantage of this traffic. If you want to pay more attention to the quality of your writing, pay-per-click or affiliate programs are still easy ways to generate additional income from your blog.

In addition, the following three different methods are also worth considering:

A-Give up writing. You can make a lot of money by donating your work to readers on your blog and making it available to readers. This can be done by compiling your free writing articles in an ebook format and including several links to affiliate products on the page. Not only does this give you power and control over your own published work, but it also makes you an expert in your field.

B-Publish your work in your own free e-magazine or newsletter. Use a blog to promote these products, but let potential subscribers sign up for your mailing list. Capture these potential customers in the autoresponder and then promote them to other products as well.

C-Allow guest writers to post content to your blog. Freelance writers are always looking for opportunities to build networks. Let other writers contribute their work to your blog, and then you can do the same on mutually beneficial arrangements.

So you got it, no more excuses to say that a freelance writing career is hard to start. Most blogs have a free version where you can publish almost anything, so you have a viable platform to get writing jobs or just let the writing world know about you.

What You Need to Know About Magazine Article Freelance Submissions

As a freelance writer, magazine submissions can be your best source of funding. If you’re just starting out, getting your entry accepted can be a challenge, but if you have a plan, it can be done. Here are some tips to help you improve your net worth by writing magazine articles freely.

Research your market: Decide which niche you want to write about and then find a magazine that fits that niche. Your local bookstore is a good place to start, but the major bookstores can’t even carry all the magazines related to your favorite topics. Find a magazine store near you and ask the owner or manager for tips on finding more magazines. They may be able to provide you with a dealer catalog. Don’t forget to use a search engine to find the title.

Research more: If possible, read more back issues of the target magazine. Many articles have so-called evergreen articles that repeat specific editorial emphasis. By setting the tone and focus of the magazine, you can make submissions that fit their market. Pay attention to the “voice” used by published authors. Some magazines expect a specific writing style, while others allow authors to be more authentic and ‘authentic’. Before building, you may need to decide to match your writing style to the tone of the publication.

Reading Guidelines: Each magazine has its own editorial guidelines. Read them before submitting. If you screw up the first attempt, some editors will completely ignore all future commit attempts.

Start scary: The big-name magazines at the grocery store may pay more, but they tend to hire only well-known writers. Look for trade journals with a narrower market focus to build a portfolio of published works.

Build your portfolio: Even if you start with an online article site or work as a guest blogger, you can develop a writing portfolio. Willing to start small and accept what comes in. As your references pile up, you can become more selective.

Success as a writer encompasses many things, but it never means sitting there and waiting for the perfect opportunity. Create your success by taking action and move forward as a freelance magazine writer from today.

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