Five Reasons Why Freelance Designers Should Brand Themselves

As a freelance designer, you must first separate your personal name from your professional design brand. Unless you’re a celebrity, athlete, or other type of public figure, using your name as a brand foundation may not be the best idea. While your name and brand are both important for selling your creativity, it’s important for freelance designers to differentiate between the two for the following reasons:

1. Your brand is about your professional service and creative combination. When a potential client decides to work with a freelance designer, portfolio and work size are the most important factors, so it is vital that you allocate sufficient time and resources to do so. Don’t just try to talk smoothly and build rapport; sell your creativity through your work instead! The way you display your work also fully shows your identity as a designer, so pay attention to the details.

2. Your name is about your character and personality. This is the source of your brand’s appearance and voice, which sets you apart from your competitors. Once customers are interested in your work, you can build a deeper relationship with them by revealing more about the name and personality behind the brand. In addition, remember that referral work is important for growth, so if your customers have recognized your brand portfolio, their decision to recommend you to a friend will depend on your personality.

3. If you have a personality that everyone likes, you have more power, but unfortunately not everyone has charm and social wisdom. For most people, no matter how hard you work, you won’t change who you are; if you work with clients long enough, eventually your true face will inevitably come out. You can’t change this fact, but luckily your brand can be cut into any shape you want. The brand offers you a blank canvas, allowing you to create a visual style that evokes all the emotions you want. Position your brand wisely!

4. Building a brand concept allows you to filter ideas, logos and visual styles through different communication touchpoints: your website, business cards, portfolio, etc. An ingenious brand concept can serve as a visual umbrella for your touchpoints and your brand message in a consistent way on each link to your audience.

5. If you are lucky enough to expand your free design business, you will eventually need to hire employees. You need a company/brand name because you don’t want to be falsely accused of earning credit for your employees’ work (if the brand is your name, it’s hard to avoid!). Creative works are shared, so even if you’re in charge, be sure to share compliments and praise! When a company has a brand, this kind of community mindset is easier to build. Reward: In this process, your employees will appreciate you more, which is certainly not a bad thing.


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