Free photography is a great way to earn extra income doing what you love. New and improved digital cameras can now take extraordinary pictures and are easily affordable for ordinary people. There are many excellent editing tools readily available and compatible with any PC, even if you are new to freelance photography, you can also give your photos a competitive edge.

For those who want to know if photography is the path you would like to take, let’s first take a look at what exactly free photography is. Freelance photographers are people who provide products (for example, photos) on demand. Sometimes you are in the right place at the right time, witnessing an extraordinary event or person, and can capture it in a movie to meet the needs of later publication. Other times, you may have a specific task to shoot ahead of time. Anyway, to become a successful freelance photographer, there are some important points to keep in mind.

First of all: never leave home without a camera! You can go to a shopping center and witness a criminal activity that you can witness with your own eyes. Local newspapers are always looking for first-hand photos of their stories. You can witness some beautiful natural phenomena that are rarely seen in movies. In any case, whether you sell these photos or not, they will be an important addition to your portfolio. I sold the photos I took many years ago, which is why it’s so important to continue building your portfolio and catalog.

Second, submit your work persistently. You may be rejected 50 times before you are finally selected, but just take a good photo that the editor notices and you can start to place you at the top of the watch list. If you don’t turn in, you’ll never be noticed.

Many newspaper staff photographers I know started out as freelance photographers. They will submit something for each publication until they finally get attention. After a while, they started taking more and more photos and eventually they were hired as a full-time photographer. Many professional photographers started out as freelance photographers, just like you are now.

I hope the one thing you learned from this article is perseverance! Persevere in shooting all sports events, concerts, dramas, landscapes, still lifes, animals, etc. so that you can build your own portfolio. Insist on submitting your photos to every publication you can think of. You will perfect your craft and be recognized as a serious freelance photographer.


Shooting full-body portraits in a studio requires special attention to light because the studio lacks natural light. Therefore, a large number of light sources are required. This requirement is usually met by using large softboxes up to 7 feet in size to cover the entire person. This is the most convenient method. However, there are other ways to achieve the same result without using a single large softbox. Another possible method is to use two 3-foot medium softboxes.

Since the softbox comes with a stand, to illuminate the whole person, you can place one softbox on top of another. This can be achieved by adjusting the softbox bracket. The advantage of two softboxes is flexibility. If some of your models are children up to 1 meter high, you can use a softbox. If they are adults, use two boxes. Your total investment cost is also lower because you don’t have to invest in large and small softboxes.

To make a good studio portrait you need two more gadgets. It’s reflectors and silver umbrellas. A possible setting of these three gadgets is as follows.

First place the two softboxes (as described above) at a 45 degree angle on the left side of the model. Then place the reflector on the right and front of the model. Finally, aim the umbrella at the model from the right side of the model and the back of the model.

The reflector is in front of the model, it reflects the light to the shadow area to make the lighting more uniform, which also reduces the contrast. Point the umbrella from the right side of the model towards the model and lean slightly behind it. It helps to create a nice edge light on the model while still allowing some light to reach the background, creating a more dramatic effect.

The above method is certainly not the best way to shoot portraits in the studio. It is one of the methods successfully used to produce satisfactory results. Try it yourself and see if you like the result.

Other possible methods are to place the reflector behind and to the right of the model. The reflection creates a nice outline around the model’s right edge, helping to separate her shadow side from the dark background. Otherwise, the right side of the model will merge with the shadow.

Another possible location for the silver umbrella is that you can aim it at the center of the background. This creates a bright spot behind the model, creating more depth. Since the umbrella can generate a fairly wide light range, it increases the edge light of the model.

After placing the main light source (soft box), by placing the reflector and the silver umbrella in different positions, you can create beautiful studio photography.

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